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  Some of the folks who keep this thing running...

DJ Earl-E

DJ, Program Director, Co-founder

A hip-hop head since 1987, DJ Earl-E is a radio DJ, a mix DJ, a party DJ, a beatmaker/producer, a musician and band member, a photographer/videographer, a graphic artist and much more. He is a co-founder of Blunt Instramentz, 20 Kliks Records and The Unseen Legion with three solo albums, and co-production on an E.P. and a full-length album with Prose. These days, he spends a lot of time as co-host and General Manager of Unseen Legion Radio. His latest album, The Duke of Earl, is available now on

MC Prose

Co-host, Mixer, Co-Founder

Prose was born a hip-hop head. He has been rocking stages since 1992 and in the 25+ years since, he has brought his style to mixtapes, radio shows, clubs, studios, countless ciphers and performed with several live bands, from the midwest to the L.A. area, at the Roxy, Whiskey, Project Blowed and other renowned Southland venues. Along with co-hosting Unseen Legion Radio, he also owns and operates The Echo Factory Studio, a small professsional project studio in the InaSouLab, home of ULr.

Yedr Rocski

Co-host, Co-founder

Dope MC, founder of Gefniksphere INC and the InaSoulbian Crew. Co-founder of Unseen Legion radio. Member of the legendary RTN Crew and so much more, Yedr is a very multitalented artist. Not only is he an OG graf writer, he has equal stripes as a lyricist, drummer, producer, composer, videographer, radio host and more. He is currently working on his first self-produced release featuring verses from his Inasoulbian Crew family and others.

Bin Grim

Co-host, Co-founder

Bin Grim aka Bin Skully.... InaSoulbian. Loop Mechanic. Westfog Skulls. One of LA's finest on the mic and the beats. Bin's style upholds the legacy of some of the greatest to ever hold a mic or chop a beat. He also reps ConArt and the legendary CMA / RTN Crews, as if you need any more reasons to check him out. His Bandcamp page is fire, as is his Binstagram page.

DJ 3Sum

Resident DJ

Fleet DJ 3Sum is like 3 people in one. He brings that Unified Skill District / Pacific Coast Society sound that very few can match. The unpredictability factor increases by ten when he hits the turntables. He is sure to push boundaries and not respect stupid s#!t, while making you nod your head the whole time. You can also catch him on No Evidence Radio every Sunday from 4-7pm PST, and if you're lucky you may even catch him behind the boards at The Echo Factory Studio.

DJ Soul Life

Resident DJ

If you live in LA and love hip-hop, you probably already know about DJ Soul Life. A long-time Urban Underground fixture, he also rocks other venues and events all over the city, and spends time touring with some legendary company in the meanwhile. His unique style, excellent ear and enormous range make him a perfect fit for a show like Unseen Legion Radio.

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